Ranjit & Sara Ahluwalia's Fundraising

When Sara and I learned that many school children in Minneapolis went hungry every weekend when they were at home, we decided to partner with The Sheridan Story, who provides kids in the Twin Cities with a weekend supply of food. We have made an anchor donation to create a new program to fund weekend backpack meals at 2 schools:

Nellie Stone Johnson Community School
Nellie Stone Johnson Community School is an elementary school located in North Minneapolis. The school staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe and challenging learning environment for all of their approximately 750 PK-8th grade students. However, many students face troublesome barriers to learning - 16% are homeless/highly mobile, 93% are on free/reduced lunch, and 34% have limited comprehension of the English language. More stats: http://nsj.mpls.k12.mn.us/2013-2014_school_improvement_plan

KIPP: Stand Academy
KIPP: Stand Academy is a free charter school in North Minneapolis serving approximately 300 5th-8th grade students - most of whom live in the surrounding North Minneapolis community. KIPP takes a unique approach to learning, as indicated through their "Five Pillars": high expectations, choice and commitment, results, power to lead, and more time (read more here http://www.kippminnesota.org/our-school). KIPP students also face troublesome barriers - 93% are on free/reduced lunch.

The Sheridan Story knows that it is incredibly difficult for a child to learn and grow if he/she does not have adequate nutrition. Simply put, hungry kids can't learn. Over 100,000 kids in the Twin Cities live in food insecurity, and some of these students go to Nellie Stone and KIPP.

Besides helping underprivileged students, what Sara and I really like about this opportunity is the fact that donated funds are going directly to two specific projects, which we think is pretty neat. I hope you will join us by donating!