A few updates

It's been a while since you've heard from us here at TSS, so we’ve got a big update on what we have been up to!

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How many schools? A quick TSS update

I'm sitting at my desk on a quiet Friday in our office. It's MEA weekend, so the schools are closed today. Our staff has been working so hard that many of them have today off of work. Don't worry - all the kids got food on Tuesday or Wednesday before the long break.

Since I had a lull in the hustle and bustle, I thought I'd send out a quick update on our work this Fall.

I'm happy to share that because of your partnership...

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"We know kids in our school don’t have enough food."

“We know there are kids in our school who don’t have enough food over the weekend,” the students told their teacher. 
“How do you know?” she asked.
“We just know,” they replied.

Encouraged by their teacher to prove their assumptions, the students conducted a school-wide survey of their peers. The heartbreaking results revealed that 30% of the students reported they typically do not have enough food to eat over the weekend.

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