Colonial Church in Edina Partners with Bethune Elementary in North Minneapolis

Colonial Church and The Sheridan Story have been connected for several months through Colonial’s Innové Project. Innové is a social-entrepreneurial empowerment program through which Colonial Church provides financial support, education, and networking connections to newly-formed charitable organizations. The Sheridan Story has greatly benefited from Innové’s investment in our growth, and now we are excited that Colonial has entered into a partnership with Bethune Elementary for the 2013-2014 school year!

Colonial Church’s Minister of Mission, Brian Jones, has often shared that Colonial feels called to serve the community outside of the walls of their building in Edina, and they are doing exactly that. Through their sponsorship of Bethune, Colonial will make an incredible impact on the 300+ elementary students that attend the school. Colonial will provide volunteers and funding to launch The Sheridan Story in Bethune and will focus on strengthening an already developing partnership with the school.

Bethune Elementary is located in North Minneapolis and focuses heavily on developing partnerships with families and within the community in order to better serve their students. Bethune integrates arts and technology into school curriculum and focuses on building self-confidence and respect for others. Bethune is excited about the potential for the partnership with Colonial and The Sheridan Story to positively impact their student population, 99.7% of which is on free/reduced lunch and 30% of which is homeless or highly mobile.

The Sheridan Story is grateful for Colonial Church’s partnership with Bethune Elementary, and we are excited about how the 2013-2014 school year is shaping up!