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PUBLIC PACKING / PACKING PREP EVENTS: We invite you to serve at one of our upcoming packing nights. Kids 8 years of age or older are welcome! You must sign up to attend as there are limited spots available.

PRIVATE PACKING EVENT FOR YOUR GROUP: Would you like to set up a day and time to participate in a packing event with people only from your faith community, business, organization, or school? We typically only schedule these events to take place during business hours (8am-5pm). Click here to contact us to discuss further.

SPONSOR A SCHOOL: The single most significant way you can fight child hunger is by working with your faith community, company, club, etc. to sponsor a school in the Twin Cities. Once you're connected to a school, it becomes your program - we help you get going, provide guidance along the way as needed, and handle the operations of the program. Click here to learn more.

FOOD/FUNDRAISING DRIVE: A great way to join the fight against child hunger, while also getting your group involved in service, is to hold a food and fundraising drive. We provide you with support, tools, and ideas to make your drive fun and successful! Click here to learn more.

HAVE ANOTHER IDEA/QUESTION? There are of course several ways to fight child hunger and perhaps you have an idea of how you would like to get involved. That's great! Click here to contact us and we can connect to discuss!